December 2017 Newsletter

Hi neighbors! We hope all is well with you and your family. Your HOA had a busy 2017 and next year is shaping up to be an even busier one. Thanks to all who volunteered in 2017 to make our Association even more successful.

2018 Annual Dues

Thanks to our members who have already paid their 2018 annual dues! If you haven’t yet paid your dues, please send a check, payable to AHHOA, as soon as possible to get a full year of benefits.. Mail to AHHOA, PO Box 660533, Arcadia, CA 91006. The dues remain unchanged at $40 and cover January through December 2018.

Arcadia Has Changed How We Elect Our City Council

Prior to 2018, our city council members were elected at-large, meaning all registered  voters could vote for any candidate(s). This changes in 2018 when the City moves to districting and divides into five voting districts. The voters in each district may only vote for council candidates running in their district. The Highlands will be part of District 1. April Verlato is the current council member in District 1. April’s term expires in 2020, at which time she could run for reelection.

Annual Meeting

President Robert Stover led our meeting held at the Highland Oaks Elementary School on October 26th.  Our Treasurer, Chuck Greene, reported that paid membership has grown to 286 and that our bank account balance is $13,802. Major expenses in 2017 included refurbishing our “Welcome to the Highlands” sign at Santa Anita and Foothill, our successful picnic in Wilderness Park in July and our recent annual printed newsletter. Architectural Review Board chairperson, Suzanne Ligon, reported on 2017 ARB activity which was at levels similar to last year.

Mr. Stover thanked the many members who supported him over the past six years and made special recognition of former Board member Gene Glasco, former long-time ARB chairperson Ralph Bicker and current Secretary, Marci Schultz, for their contributions and dedication. Secretary and Chair of the Tally Committee, Marci Schultz, reported the election results for our 2018 Board of Directors. Eight current directors were reelected to serve a one year term. Lee Marshall was elected to replace April Verlato who is retiring from the Board.

The following are the Board of Directors for 2018. After their names we’ve added how many years they have lived in the Highlands, whether they are retired or still working and their primary current or former occupation.

David Arvizu           13 years, working, television executive

Tim Burch               6 years, working, geochemist and business executive

Charles Greene       23 years, retired, investment funds administration

Lee Kuo                  18 years, working, attorney

Lee Marshall            20 years, retired, attorney

Roger Nemrava       34 years, retired, international sales executive

Jeff Porter              12 years, working, financial advisor

Marci Shultz            33 years, retired, legal secretary

Robert Stover         16 years, working, commercial real estate

In the Public Comment period there was discussion about the increase in residential burglaries in the Highlands. Board member and current City Council member, April Verlato, commented that, while the City had seen a 50% increase in burglary activity for a good part of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016, the number of incidents has decreased in recent weeks due to deployment of more police officers. Be safe: lock your windows and doors. Watch what’s going on in your neighborhood. If something looks suspicious, don’t hesitate to call the police at (626) 574-5150.

Raffles were held throughout the meeting and gift cards in varying amounts were won by twelve lucky members. The gift cards were purchased from the Arcadia Educational Foundation and the proceeds support our local schools.

Earthquake and Fire Preparedness

This has been a rough year for fires in California and an earthquake is always possible.  We recommend that you take a number of important preparedness steps:

(a) Have a written plan on what you need to do if you have to quickly leave your home. Don’t forget your medications, pets and pet food!

(b) Place a survival kit, including basic first aid supplies, clothes, comfortable shoes, a blanket and bottled water in the trunk of your car.

(c) Fires from broken gas lines are a major cause of damage in an earthquake. Make sure you know where your gas shutoff valve is and how to turn it off. Keep a tool nearby to close the gas line. Better yet, attach the tool to the meter with a wire or chain. A good idea is to install an emergency shut off valve at your gas meter which will automatically turn off the gas. Your local plumber can install one for you. Talk to your neighbors to see if they know how to turn off their gas line.

(d) Older smoke and carbon monoxide detectors typically have a seven year life expectancy. Newer models are usually good for ten years. Check to see if your detectors need replacement. If you have a wireless home alarm system, the sensors use batteries. Test the sensors on a frequent basis and replace depleted batteries.

Flu Shots

Flu season is here and it’s important to remember that even healthy people can get the flu. Everyone six months or older should get a flu vaccine. This is especially important if you are pregnant or have a chronic condition like asthma or diabetes. For those over 65, there is now a Senior Flu Shot which provides extra protection. You can get the flu shot in your doctor’s office or at your pharmacy.

Arcadia’s Winter Water Schedule

The winter schedule for gardens and lawns started November 1 and will end April 30, 2018. You may water on Tuesdays and Saturdays before 9 AM and after 6 PM. For lawns, you may water ten minutes per day at each sprinkler station.  Please do not water your oak trees.

How to Watch City Council Meetings

You can watch council meetings on TV. AT&T customers can view them on channel 99, Charter customers on channel 15-237 and Time-Warner/Spectrum customers on channel 3. You can also watch the meeting online as it takes place or view it and earlier meetings at a later date. Use this link:

Things to Do In Arcadia

 Arcadia’s The Connection newsletter is a great way to find out what’s happening in the city:

Happy Holidays to all and our best wishes for a memorable 2018 for you and yours!